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Molecular biologist, Dr. Cristina Sanchez, at Complutense University in Madrid (Spain) outlines the exact mechanism in the work in which THC — the "main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant" completely destroys cancer cells. Cannabinoids are a group of compounds that contain cannabinol and the active components of cannabis. They revitalize the cannabinoid receptors in our body. Dr. Sanchez explains how our body itself produces endocannabinoids, which activate various processes within the body, "creating a healthy environment." According to her, it is important to note that cannabis has the potential to kill anything fatal without giving birth to any psychoactive effects. Because cannabinoids help strengthen the immune system, they have proven effective in killing cancer cells. There are examples that prove that cancer patients have registered improvements in their health as part of their treatment with cannabis, and within a short time.

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The essential ingredient, a cannabinoid, however, cannot be supplied to our systems through Smoking. According to Dr. Sanchez, using the plant works when it is eaten or when its oil is applied. It is also important to note here that cannabis still has some application ground before chemotherapy is performed.

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The first American publications about research related to the effect of cannabinoids on cancer cells can be found in 1974 in the newspaper Medical College of Virginia (Medical College of Virginia), which reached the Washington Post. But they were ignored by the government. Research in this area is carried out by many universities, including the University of Milan in Spain.